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6 quad exercises you need to try when you go back to the gym

Home workouts may have done no favours for your quads, but fear not! The opening of gyms is on the horizon and Nathan McCallum has dealt this killa quad workout for you to try out when you get there! Be warned, these exercises are no joke – get ready to feel the burn!

Wanna see exactly how to perform each move? Here’s the full vid!


Chances are, your favourite machines are gonna be mobbed once the gyms have reopened. Cos, queuing isn’t just reserved for the supermarket, y’know! But, this bodyweight leg extension exercise is a great alternative to the leg extension machine – just grab a kettlebell and you’re good to go! And, now you’re back in the gym, you won’t have to settle for that stupidly light weight you salvaged from the depths of your loft in a desperate bid to stay fit during lockdown. Go for a heavier kettlebell to ensure maximum resistance and to get those thighs throbbing!



Still can’t get on your favourite machine? Keep hold of that kettlebell and give some curtsey lunges a go! Simply hold the kettlebell in front of your chest and, starting with your right leg, step your foot diagonally backwards into a lunge, returning to your starting position once done – then, perform on your other leg. These may look easy, but the weight will add additional pressure to those quads!



Ah, the rack is finally free – what better excuse to give these barbell front squats a go?! Be warned, just cos you can load that bar up on regular barbell squats doesn’t mean you’ll master the front squat – these are a whole different ball game! We’d recommend trying out a few sets using just the barbell so you can get used to the movement before adding weight but, once you’re confident enough to throw on a plate or two, we can guarantee your quads will feel it!


We all know lunges are a killer for the quads, as well as the glutes and hammies. But these pulse lunges are set to get you sweating! You can use a barbell (if you’ve managed to secure the rack, keep hold!) or two kettlebells or dumbbells also work great. Simply lunge one leg forward and, instead of returning back to your starting position, pulse the leg up slightly, then back into lunge position, then, back to starting position. We promise, your legs will be on fire after a few sets of these bad boys.


Ignore the name – this exercise isn’t for the cowardly! These are an absolute must if you’re set on growing and strengthening those quads. Sissy squat benches are usually shoved into a dark corner of the gym or seen with towels and drinks bottles resting on them. But, this underrated piece of equipment deserves more credit – dig it out, grab two dumbbells and give it a go!


Yep, so the main muscle benefiting from this move is undoubtedly your calves, however, calf raises also help stabilise and strengthen your quads. It’s also a great way to stretch off your muscles after a beasty quad sesh. Jump onto the calf raise machine and, if you’re looking for real definition in your calves, you’ll need to up the weight. Can’t get onto a machine? Grab a bench, two small places and a set of heavy dumbbells. Place the plates at your feet, putting your toes on the edge of each plate so that your heels hang over the edge. Then, place a dumbbell on each knee and lift your heels up, squeezing at the top, then down again.

Who’s up for tackling this killa of a workout?! Let us know how you get on! For more workout videos and tips, head over to our Instagram.



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